Sustainability and The Tiny Turtle

While some might consider it a passing trend, sustainability is quickly becoming an integral part of today’s restaurant business and The Tiny Turtle is looking to set the trend in Cocoa Beach. Sustainability changes the way we do business but we are addressing our social responsibility to the environment and sea life! The Tiny Turtle is rapidly becoming a fully sustainable eco-friendly restaurant and looking to set the tone in Cocoa Beach!


As a small restaurant costs can always be challenging but we feel this is an important one. We have made the transition to get rid of the plastic straw that is damaging to our environment and harmful to sea life. We are committed to doing away with all those “bad for the environment” products. We now have eco-friendly straws available upon request only.


We started in April 2017 with eliminating the plastic straw. We changed our togo bag choice from plastic to paper. We got rid of styrofoam containers and cups by switching to plant based containers and compostable cups. We use wooden utensils instead of plastic ones. Our most recent changes now include plant based sauce cups and biodegradable gloves and trash bags. The Tiny Turtle will continue it’s trend of being one of the most eco-friendly restaurants in Brevard County and hope to inspire others to make the changes too.


Bottled water is convenient, but single-use plastic bottles are wreaking havoc on our environment and especially our oceans. Aluminum is a better recycled product with it’s high scrap value. Therefore we have chosen to sell bottled water packaged in aluminum instead of plastic.


Here’s a recap of our transition to making better choices for the environment. Of course we love for you to dine in with us, but if you need to take our delicious Caribbean Fusion cuisine TOGO you can feel proud like we are that you are not supporting the manufacture of single use plastics and styrofoam. We choose paper and plant based products to support the environment by not adding to the single use plastic waste. We have an ask policy to find out what you need for your TOGO order to lessen the waste and help with costs. As a small business it can be a challenge to make changes but we feel confident that this was an important one and our customers appreciate us caring.